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Neptune Security Services Inc. is a company built by people who operate to the highest standards within the Security and Investigation Services Industry. We have instituted our Quality Management System to achieve our Mission of becoming the security industry's supplier and employer of choice . Through the expertise of our employees we are able to provide the following quality services:

  We operate our 24/7 Control and Communication Centre with customer friendly experienced security staff who can take your 24/7 calls to address any daytime or out of hours incidents. Our control centre can provide you with reports, send extra guards when an emergency arises or have a manager conduct an on site visit.
  Neptune Security can provide you with our Residential Protection Program which will be supported by an Uniformed Guard Service (stationary) or a Mobile Patrol Officer security site visit to protect your home and property.

Neptune Security can provide your business with our Industrial Protection Program / Commercial Protection Program for on Site Surveillance, Foot Patrols, Mobile Patrol Officer security checks and our Fire Watch Program. Every site is supported by professionally trained and uniformed guards who will complete a comprehensive shift site report for your review. We can conduct a security audit to keep your business from suffering unnecessary losses.


Neptune Transportation and Logistics Security Services personal understand the urgency in companies need to protect their valuable assets. In today's world, organized crime groups operate highly sophisticated theft operations targeting transportation and logistics companies who move cargo of value including expensive electronics, clothing, food items, auto parts, pharmaceuticals just to name a few. The physical loss of these assets not only hurts the bottom line but could cause the possible loss of future sales. At Neptune our professional team of security auditors are available to identify the opportunities of theft that criminal organizations know very well. These crime groups are also adapting to changing security measures by developing new techniques of theft. Our professional auditors are former members of various police forces with a wide range of experience in clandestine surveillance and forensics investigations and understand these criminal organizations operations. In an ever changing environment they know how to take an integrated approach bringing high technology together with reliable theft prevention, surveillance and investigation techniques to ensure your cargo arrives intact and on time. We service all modes of transportation. Call us today to book your free security audit.

  Neptune security can provide you with either/both a Uniformed Guard Service or a Loss Prevention Officer to secure your assets from theft and shrinkage. We will conduct a security audit to find the best solutions to your security requirements.
  We specialize in dealing with public events of all sizes. We have security specialists who are experienced in a multitude of special events to plan your security program in order to keep your guests and staff safe and secure.
  Neptune security services have the experienced personal in the enforcement of parking regulations to manage your controlled parking areas. Our expertise and experience in parking enforcement enables us to deliver effective and cost-efficient services for municipalities, institutions, hospitals, campuses and private lot operators.

Neptune has never lost a client through non-performance.

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